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spreading his love

Every person need to hear the message of Jesus Christ. Everyone need to experience the warmth of His love. The Gospel is  good news to all. It is good news to the impoverish and the wealthy, the sick and the healthy. Our mission is to take this message of Love – Grace & Hope everywhere, one person at a time.

Who We Are

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Our Mission

To equip the saint to go out to proclaim the kingdom of God and heal the sicks (body, soul and spirit) Luke 9:2

Our vision

To fight unbelief and scepticism in London through loving and engaging conversations

Our Motivation

We do what we do because of LOVE. Love for our God, and Love for the lost. For He doesn't want anyone to perish.

the kingdom needs you

Connect with us and be equipped to spread the Word and the Love of God in your community 

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The world is in desperate need for the Message and Love of CHRIST, help us share it everywhere.

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You are the light and the salt needed in your community let's work together!

Our motto

Think-talk-love like christ

Christ is the perfect theology, He is the perfect model. He is the basis, the foundation and the mean of everything we do. 

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How to start?

Evangelism start with the heart of God to man. To evangelise is tho show the heart of Go to people. Evangelism is therefore, not for the evangelist, or the one called into ministry. It is the lifestyle of every believers. Regardless of who you are, your background and your calling, we are all called to preach the kingdom of God and make disciples. 

We are here to help!

Our mission is to help you go out confidently and witness for the Love you’ve experience. We will train, guide and support you every step of the way.

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what we do


With facts based presentation we present to you the urgency of spreading the gospel and making disciples.


We invite those who have the desire to share and defend their faith to a day long seminar for training


With ongoing support we work closely with you, to help you make disciple through constant and supportive 1 to 1 mentoring


SATURDAY 18.07.20


In the midst of uncertainty and  the global depression this world is facing now what is the role of the Church of CHRIST? this is a topic that will be discussed in this online training session. 

SATURDAY 15.08.20


What is evangelism and what does it mean to evangelise. Why is it important for us to engage in evangelism and how shall we do it today? You will learn the basics of evangelism.


Religion in uk
% active christian
% young people age 16-24
% do not believe in god

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Let’s work together to spread the Word and Love of CHRIST in our neighbourhood, our communities, our cities and our country. 


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